Bail Bond MN

Bail Bond MN

Bail Bonds in Minnesota

If you, a friend, or a loved one has found themselves in jail, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 612-WANT-OUT (612-926-8688). This can be a very emotional time and we’re here to help you stay out of jail as much as we can. Contact us at anytime to speak to a licensed Bail Bond Agent no matter where you are in Minnesota. With multiple bail bonds agents around Minnesota; Servicing Anoka County, Ramsey County, Washington County & more, we’ll be able to get you out no matter where you are.

Once your bail has been set and you’ve gotten in contact with us we will make arrangements, fill out all necessary paperwork, and then post your bail at the jail. It works like this: If you go to jail, you’re given a bail amount. That bail amount must be paid in full for you to be able to leave jail. You must show up to your court dates to get that bail money back. If you miss your court dates, then your bail money is forfeited. Not everybody has the full bail amount lying around and that’s where AnyTime Bail Bonds comes into play. Lets say your bail is set at $5000; we use what’s known as a “surety bond” to cover that $5000 bond, and in exchange we charge a 10% fee to get you out of jail and make sure you stay that way. If you cannot afford the full bail bond amount, we offer some of the lowest payment plan rates allowed by the State of Minnesota. Our bail bonds agents are fully licensed and trained to be the best in the business. Getting a bail bond in Minnesota can be a simple process if you have good team of people helping you like AnyTime Bail Bonds.

If you need legal help contact us and we’ll get you in contact with one of the many lawyers we know.

Check out our Jail Information if you’re not sure whether a person has been arrested or if they have a warrant out for their arrest.

AnyTime Bail Bonds: 612-WANT-OUT (612-926-8688)

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