What to expect at an Anoka County Bail Hearing

Often times while siting in the lobby at Anoka County I see people come in completely confused as to what to expect. With our new bail bond rules in place, we are unable to help unless they approach us. So, here is what to expect.

Start by calling Anytime Bail Bonds and ask for me (Jim.) Or just look for the dashing young stud in the lobby next to courtroom 300.

In front of the room is a monitor with the names of who is in court. Its common to not see the name you are looking for. This is because they are updating it from 8-9. The other thing that happens is they get put on an add-on list. If you don’t see the name you are looking for, you can go to the window in front of courtroom 150 and get a calendar for the day. (it will cost you $7. The trick is to just shoot photos of it with your phone)

Next step is to turn off all of your devices. If your phone rings they will chase you out and take if from you.

You can also talk to the prosecutor and/or the public defender if you get there before court starts. The public defenders will talk to the defendant to help build their case and fight to not have a bail.

The biggest thing people are confused about is that this is simply a bail hearing.  The only thing they are going to resolve is a new court date, terms for release and if they qualify for a free public defender. (they will automatically get one for the bail hearing.)

Next the judge will read the rights and start with the females.  If you have a guy in there that is on the add-on calendar and the calendar is more then 8 pages,  go have breakfast and Move your car out of the 2 hour parking because it’s going to be a while.  J/k

What to listen for: There are terms you need to be aware of.

  • Unconditional bail-This means if you pay the bail there will not be any conditions unless it’s a domestic abuse.  Then they may say unconditional bail of an amount plus a danco order.  Which just means no contact with the victim.  If the victim lives with the defendant, they will issue a one time police escort for the defendant to get his/her belongings
  • Conditional bail-This is a bail with conditions.
  • RPR/OR- This means no bail. Sometimes they will add conditions to this. if they do,  usually there will also be a higher dollar amount for unconditional bail.  If possible,  you don’t want to be on conditions.

After you have the results, if there is a bail, you will want to have that dashing young stud write the bond on the spot. Anoka County takes a lot of time to process and release. Especially on Monday’s and Tuesday. This is because when they arrest someone they have 72 hours to put them in front of a judge or they have to release them. So, as you can imagine, Monday and Tuesday is busy from the weekend.

One last thing about bail hearings. You will need a cosigner to bail someone out. This cosigner needs to be working a job and have 2 years on it. No. SSI does not count.


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