What is IDAP?

OK. We are in court. We know the person in custody is accused of some sort of domestic violence. The Judge says “Im ordering a $10000 bail or RPR with the condition of IDAP.” So What does that mean? It means that they want to put the defendant on a monitoring program to make sure the abuse is not repeated. They will follow this with a danco order. That means no contact with the victim

This program is free and it seems you will get out today if you comply.

That is the great deception…lol It takes a day or 2 to set it up.

Here is what he/she will need to get out.:

1. You must have a residence where contacts can be made within 25 miles of Anoka.

2. They will contact this  residence to verify.

3. They will need to meet with you to go over your rules.

All of this needs to happen by 4:00 when they close. It wont happen today in time.

So. Whats next. Well. First off you need to find a Bail Bondsman. You have 2 options, Call Anytime Bailbonds at 612-want out or you look for Jim at court. He is the nice looking dude in the lobby in front of court room 300. You ask “Are you Jim from anytime bail bonds?” Any answer but yes, you move on.

Most of the time its better to just pay the bail and have no conditions. You will still have a no contact order but you wont be monitored 24/7.


If the defense is drug or alcohol related, the judge will add conditions to this. It may be random testing of alcohol or drugs. This means he/she will have to submit to random testing. If the judges says “color wheel”  it means they will be given a color. Lets say its purple. The person then calls a number every day and they say what color is being tested. If it is your color (purple) you have to go in and be tested.




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