How to Find a Good Bail Bond Agent in Minnesota

Don’t worry, if you or a loved one needs out of jail or wants to quash a warrant, look no further! AnyTime Bail Bonds has experienced bail bond agents available to help anywhere in Minnesota. Areas that we serve include: Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, Washington County, Scott County, Anoka County, & many more. Read more about How to Find a Good Bail Bond Agent in Minnesota[…]

Bail Bond MN

Bail Bond MN Bail Bonds in Minnesota If you, a friend, or a loved one has found themselves in jail, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 612-WANT-OUT (612-926-8688). This can be a very emotional time and we’re here to help you stay out of jail as much as we can. Contact us at Read more about Bail Bond MN[…]

What if I miss my court date?

The most common type of warrant (besides the band) comes from failing to appear for a court date. Your Anytime Bail Bonds agent (612 want-out) ¬†will help you to not let this happen. At Anytime Bail Bonds we call you a couple days before your court dates to remind you. If you still miss a Read more about What if I miss my court date?[…]

How do I get off conditions

Lets set the stage. You are in jail for a DUI. You have 3 aggravating factors. This means there were 3 things from a list of stuff that elevate the level of your charge to a second degree felony. So whats real? Whats real is that you are in jail, hung over, and confused. They Read more about How do I get off conditions[…]

What is IDAP?

OK. We are in court. We know the person in custody is accused of some sort of domestic violence. The Judge says “Im ordering a $10000 bail or RPR with the condition of IDAP.” So What does that mean? It means that they want to put the defendant on a monitoring program to make sure Read more about What is IDAP?[…]

What to expect at an Anoka County Bail Hearing

Often times while siting in the lobby at Anoka County I see people come in completely confused as to what to expect. With our new bail bond rules in place, we are unable to help unless they approach us. So, here is what to expect. Start by calling Anytime Bail Bonds and ask for me Read more about What to expect at an Anoka County Bail Hearing[…]

Bail vs ISAP.

I want to talk about a situation that comes up weekly. Let’s say someone you care about gets pulled over for a DUI and is taken to jail. (Lets call her Brandy) In a few days you show up at her bail hearing with the hope that Brandy can just get out and go back Read more about Bail vs ISAP.[…]

Flood Run

AnyTime Bail Bonds is a proud sponsor of The 51st Annual Fall Flood Run September 17! Stop by our booth at Shiners Bar and Grill and say hi to receive free stuff!