What is surety bond?

What is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond is the most common type of bond and is also referred to as just a “bail bond.” If you are brought into jail you will have a bail hearing and the judge will set a bail amount to release you from jail. This cash bail amount must be paid in full in order to be released and once you make your court appearances the money is given back to you minus any court costs and fees. If the defendant cannot afford the full cash bond or doesn’t want to have their money held up with the courts, they can obtain a surety bond with the help of a bail bondsman. Surety bonds only cost a small percentage (usually 10%) of the total bail amount and are issued by a bail bondsman like the ones at AnyTime Bail Bonds.¬†This is one of the easiest ways to get bailed out and most if not all of the work is done by the bail bond agent for you. In most cases you’ll need somebody to cosign for you in order to be released from jail. The bail bond agents at AnyTime Bail Bonds take care of contacting any cosigner, family member, or friend needed so that you can have a fast and smooth transition getting out of jail.

The Surety bond process:

  1. You or someone you know calls us with any/all information on the defendant.
  2. We confirm all charges and contact the desired cosigner.
  3. We meet the cosigner at the place of their choosing. Whether it’s at the jail, your place of work, or in the middle of a cornfield, AnyTime Bail Bonds will make it happen.
  4. The agent meets with you to collect all necessary information. (This may happen before or after posting your bail)
  5. The agent posts your bail and soon you are free to leave.

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