Bail vs Bond. Whats the difference?

If its your first time at a bail hearing you may not fully understand how bail works vs a bond and how a bond company works. So, first off, When you hear the judge say bail is $5000 don’t panic. Its $5000 if you pay the court. The rule is that you pay it and you get it back if the person doesn’t miss. a court date. The dirty little secret they dont tell you is that they take out court and other fees. So you wont get it all back.

Hence the bond. With a bond you are paying a 3rd party bail bond company like Anytime Bail Bonds. We cover the $5000 with a bond. The fee for this is 10% of the Bail. (YOU DO NOT GET THIS BACK) So whats the catch? The catch is you better show up for court. If you don’t the court cashes the bond and puts out a warrant for your arrest. They label it as a forfeiture.

The bond company is going to want their money. They legally can charge you the whole amount. At a minimum you will be charged court and lawyer fees. If we have to hire a bounty hunter to pick your ass up, you will be charged for that.

Best case is if the lawyer can get the forfeiture reinstated. He/she has the best chance if you turn yourself in as soon as you know there is a warrant. In Anoka, if you turn yourself in before 7:30 AM you will get to go to court that morning.

Before turning yourself in call Anytime Bail Bonds (if thats the bond company you used) Give us a day notice. This way we can try to arrange a lawyer to help you.

Remember: If you choose the right bondsman, they will go the extra mile for you. Make sure you choose one that will go to court with your family to support and explain what is happening. If they wont do that they are a bad choice. Dont use them. An easy way to be sure the company will go the extra mile is just to call Anytime Bail Bonds. 612-want-out (Free call from jail) We have people living close to and working in every county jail. We respond fast and 24/7. Even when you call at 2 am you will get a licensed bondsman. not just a phone person taking messages. And yes. We will go get you out at anytime of the day or night. Keep in mind. The new rules bondsman have to follow are the same for everyone. Nobody can write a bond anymore for under 10%. So searching for a “deal” is a waste of time.


Some light hearted fun: How to piss off a bondsman.

  1. Call him/her at 2 in the morning. Tell them to meet you at the jail to bail out your friend. Then, don’t show up and don’t answer your phone.
  2. Show up for a bail and be short of the 10% asking for them to cut you a deal. Remember: legally we need the entire 10%. So, there is nothing we can do and you just wasted time for both of us.
  3. Use a different bondsman every time. To go one step further, us the bondsman you want to piss off only for the small bails and warrants. Make sure you talk about other bondsman you have used. And tell them about the ones that helped you with the big bonds. Then don’t show up for court.
  4. Go on a payment plan (we can do that) Make your 1st payment then disappear.
  5. Have your bondsman show up for court with you. Have him spend the whole day waiting for the person in custody to get to court. Then after he/she helps you, tell him/her you need to get the money so you will meet back at the jail in a couple hours. A couple hours later, don’t call. instead, text him/her saying you decided to go with another bondsman. Make sure its a bondsman that wasn’t even at court.

Ok. Enough fun. The point I’m trying to make with the list is that you should never burn your bondsman. Remember. They didn’t put you in jail. In fact, they are the ones trying to get you out.



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