How do I get off conditions

Lets set the stage. You are in jail for a DUI. You have 3 aggravating factors. This means there were 3 things from a list of stuff that elevate the level of your charge to a second degree felony. So whats real? Whats real is that you are in jail, hung over, and confused. They keep putting you in lock down. This means you are in a tiny dark room with no windows. You have a bunk with a 2 inch thick piece of foam for a mattress on top of concrete. Your roomy isn’t like your college one. This one does nothing but sleep, snore and fart. (O.K. maybe a little like your college one)

you spend 2 days in hell. The food is bad enough to make a billy goat puke.  Not only that, you have really bad people around you asking for your food. (Actually intimidating you for it) you dont even want it but you also dont want to look like a “bitch”. So you force it down.

So, by the time a lawyer talks to you, You are emotionally done. The lawyer talks to you minutes before you’re  on trial.  He says “You have 2 choices. $12000 bail or ISAP. ISAP is one of several conditional programs offered as a  way to get out of jail without paying bail.

You think ok. just have to get tested and you can be out free. Wrong!!!! Any conditional release is based on stringent rules you must follow.

So you go through getting put on conditions only to find that its impossible for you to conform to the rules of the conditions. What do you do? 1st off, your lawyer cant help you. This is actually your bail bond agents gig. Call him/her. Anytime Bail Bonds is who you start with. Your Bondsman/woman will meet with you at the courthouse and file the paperwork. This is a bond so you will need a co signer.  also, you will need 10% of the bail amount posted. Your Anytime Bail Bonds rep will know how much this is.

The best part is that you can do this at anytime during the process. So, you can get out on the conditions then reverse it later.

Note; Some of these conditional programs cost money. Usually as much as your unconditional bail would cost. Also, some programs, IDAP for one, has a huge amount of verifying needed to be done before they let you out. This will almost always cause you to have to spend another night in jail while they sort it out.





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