What if I miss my court date?

The most common type of warrant (besides the band) comes from failing to appear for a court date. Your Anytime Bail Bonds agent (612 want-out)  will help you to not let this happen. At Anytime Bail Bonds we call you a couple days before your court dates to remind you. If you still miss a court date, there will be a warrant for your arrest issued by the end of the day.

If this happens,  check with us right away. This is a serious issue. More serious then you think. We call it a forfeiture. What that means is that you most likely will have more money that you have to pay. Here is how it works.  If bail was $12000 and you paid $1200 for the bond and forfeit on it by missing court, you may have to pay the whole $12000 and lawyer fees.

So how can you fix it? The 1st thing you do is  call us right away right when you miss court. We will then advise you to turn yourself in. If you do this immediately, you may be able to avoid paying the whole bond. In Anoka, if you turn yourself in by 7 am, you will be in court that day. What we do to help you is get a lawyer to try to get the bond reinstated. By going through this process right away, you greatly increase your chances of getting it reinstated. You may still have to pay the lawyer fees and/or a fine, but its better then a forfeiture.

If you don’t do this, eventually a bounty hunter will be sent to pick you up and take you to jail. And believe me, “Dog” wont be as nice as a cop when he arrests you. Also, you will be the one paying “Dog’s” fee. So don’t let this happen. Just call us. We are your best defense to avoid this crap.

There is also another huge trap that some people get into. They may have warrants in multiple counties. Then they make it worse by not going to a court date because they know they will be taken into custody and held for the other counties. This is a trap that goes deeper then just the fines and jail. You also are setting the tone for bond companies to not want to bail you out. So then, you are held until you finish dealing with those missed court appearances. Which sometimes could take months.  I have seen people get held and transferred 3 to 4 to 5 times from jail to jail until all counties are satisfied. We call this the jail house tour.


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